WordPress Themes – Finding The Right One For You

WordPress Themes – Finding The Right One For You

Getting started with Wordpress themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes out there to choose from. Many are free, and even the ones that you have to pay for usually only cost between $30 and $70. Not too long ago, web sites of the standard and quality now available for $30* used to cost at least 100 times as much. So, how do you choose between them?

Budget – Free or Premium?

One of the first places to check out when searching for your website’s new look and feel, especially if you’re on a tight budget, is right inside your WordPress dashboard. On the sidebar, click Appearance>Themes and you’ve got the opportunity to search through the 1,800 completely free designs that have been listed in the official WordPress theme directory. Some of the themes offer a lot of functionality for £0.00 and there are some really good lookers on there too.

TIP: When searching, make sure you use the word “responsive”. This will make sure that your website displays well on all sorts of screen sizes, from phones to tablets to laptops and desktops.

What we wouldn’t suggest is going to Google and typing in “free WordPress themes” because you’re never sure what you’re going to get. At best, the theme might be badly coded and at worst, it could be chock full of malware – malicious code to compromise your site’s security, hidden links to dubious locations and the like. If you do decide to risk it, there are steps you can take to identify a dangerous WordPress theme but, with so many safe and reputable free options out, why would you?

WordPress Theme Developers

There is a rich and diverse ecosystem of WordPress developers out there, creating content for you to individualise your website. Some of them create plugins, some of them create off the shelf themes, some of them create bespoke, one offs if you’ve got the budget and want to create something completely unique. As might be expected, not all WordPress theme developers are created equal – there are those that have been designing and coding for a decade and more, others are brand new to the game and still learning. When you’re choosing your theme, you want to keep this in mind and checkout the developer behind it. Do they have an active support forum? Are they easily contactable in case you run into a problem? Do they get good reviews?

Not The Exact Shade of Red You Wanted?

You don’t need to be too specific when looking for a theme. The better ones already come with customisable options for colours and fonts, but all themes can be tweaked by someone who knows what they’re doing. What’s vital is that you choose a theme with the functionality you need. Do you need to sell? If so, you need an ecommerce theme. Do you want to showcase your artwork or photography? Search for a portfolio theme. If you need some help finding a particular theme for a particular job, why not get in touch? We’ve already helped lots of our customers to find the ideal theme for their needs.

We also install themes for our customers, provide support if they’re changing it themselves and can even help by making changes to the look and feel for them if desired. Have a look at our showcase if you’re interested to see what themes look like in the real world once they have been customised. The keen-eyed among you might notice that Pure SyncVision Sound Music and Payne Shurvell are all built on the same theme – Sight by WPShower.

We’ve created a directory of our favourite WordPress themes, including individual designs and theme repositories, to get you started in your search. If there are any greats we’ve missed, do let us know in the comments as we’re updating it all of the time.


* Most of our recommended theme suppliers happen to be in the US which is why these prices are in US dollars.

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