Using images with PhotoPharm

Using images with PhotoPharm

At the moment we’re helping the architecture practice AMA make use of the amazing PhotoPharm WordPress theme.

PhotoPharm is great because it creates a very distinctive site which is mobile friendly, but it does so without changing how WordPress works. It manages to give a very creative and engaging presentation using standard WordPress elements.

Having said that, it’s not always immediately obvious how to get the effect you want when working with images. We put some instructions together for AMA that offer some tips and tricks to achieve the following:

  1. Set the large background image on posts and pages
  2. Set the large background image for category archives
  3. Set the featured image for posts
  4. Add galleries of large images to posts and pages
  5. Add images into the body of posts and pages
  6. Add images into the body of posts and pages that pop-over in lightboxes
  7. Have image in the body of posts and pages but stop them from also being in galleries or from popping over in lightboxes

You can download the PhotoPharm image instructions here.

Note that to do everything in these instructions, you will also need the Unattach WordPress plug-in.

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