Learn WordPress

helpfulwebhosting will help you learn WordPress.

We provide support over email and one-on-one tuition over Skype on how to get the most out of WordPress. Using Skype means we can share screens in during our conversations. This lets us show you how to do something and then watch you do it to make sure we have explained it properly.

Just in case you ever need a refresher on some aspect of WordPress, we add in a set of videos at no extra charge to your installation of WordPress. These videos explain in clear English how to work with the WordPress Dashboard, how to use the Editor and how to work with Images, Pages, Posts, Media, Comments, Profiles, Widgets and Menus.

helpfulwebhosting WordPress video manuals

There are even special sections devoted to how to use our recommended SEO Plug-in (WordPress SEO by Yoast) and our recommended ecommerce plug-in, WooCommerce.

As well as the vidoes, there’s an online manual that’s directly available from within your WordPress Dashboard. We even provide a 77-page written manual for people who prefer to learn that way.