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Andrew Missingham
Vision Sound Music

Vision Sound Music is the UKʼs first festival of visual music, happening at the South Bank Centre on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2011.

Directed by Andrew Missingham and produced in partnership with the advertising agency Fallon and Sound and Music, the festival celebrates the meeting point between music, games, broadcast and brands.

Video games from Rockstarʼs Grand Theft Auto to Sonyʼs Little Big Planet are taken to the next level by music.

In film and TV soundtracks, from classic scores like Bernard Herrmannʼs Psycho, to the smart sound tracking of Scorsese and Tarantino, music is an essential dramatic component.

Brands and adverts – from Enoʼs Microsoft jingles, to the Cadburyʼs drumming gorilla – are at their best with music in their heart.

In the digital space, from Pogoʼs Disney Mash-Ups, to Kultimanʼs YouTube collages, music makes visuals come alive.

And in the built environment, great music can enhance a brand, an experience and create profound human connection.

Vision Sound & Music is for people who love what music can do.

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