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Liz Renzetti

Liz and Karen met on an Air Canada flight. They are now an ocean apart….Karen still in Los Angeles, Liz in London. This blog is the sound of them, nails scraping down the wall, trying to hold onto their morals and values in very crazy places to raise kids.

They agreed to do this in the chalky and sweltering Jardins Luxembourg, surrounded by the French being unutterably French. That is, grandmas smoking near toddlers. The man at the carousel handing pointed sticks to steely-eyed six-year-olds and then standing next to the brass ring, regardless of his safety (or his ‘nads) while the children on their peeling wooden horses stabbed those poles at him, missing by inches. The sound made only by irate Parisian cab drivers: fa-fa-fa.

They thought, what a strange place. But not as strange as London. And not nearly as strange as Los Angeles.

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