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I was introduced to helpfulwebhosting through an art world contact and cannot stress how helpful, kind, thoughtful and insightful they are with their truly invaluable one-to-one service.  They re-designed my website, moved all the data over to the new one and give me advice when asked, talking me (painstakingly) through every step.  I belong to the generation known as ‘digital immigrants’ and am a hopeless technophobe but I’m never made to feel ignorant or as if I’m time-wasting: they simply help me with everything from the most minor detail through to bigger issues.   I’m also so relieved to know that there is going to be someone (a real human!) I can talk to whenever I need help and that is the biggest reassurance I can have.  I never feel as if I’m talking to ‘an IT person’ but, rather,  to a very informed and clever personal aide.

Hymie Dunn

Led by Hymie Dunn, an arts professional with 25 years experience in the art world, East London Art Tours offers day-tours of east London’s most exciting, ‘hidden’ contemporary visual arts venues. They provide a unique chance to meet emerging artists, see cutting-edge work and encounter art projects which stimulate, challenge and occasionally baffle the viewer. Each tour is a one-off, taking in different spaces, galleries and shows on an ever changing ‘curated’ schedule.

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