Beverley Knowles

Helpfulwebhosting have been more than helpful, they’ve been wonderful.  They’ve fixed me up with a diy website so simple to use that even I seem to have got the hang of updating it and changing things around all by myself – and I struggle to turn the telly on these days without something going awry. Their favourite line seems to be ‘feel free to ring whenever you need help’ and what’s more, when I ring, they help!  It’s like no website company I’ve ever come across before.  I could not be more delighted.”

Beverley Knowles

Taking as her departure point exhibitions and performances staged through Beverley Knowles Fine Art from 2002 to 2009 Beverley is now acting as an independent freelance curator. Her particular art historical interests lie with contemporary multi-disciplinary and performance art and the history of feminist art.

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