Competitions, Polls and Promos

Competitions, Polls and Promos

Competitions, Polls and Promos

Wondering how to increase engagement while also building your social media and email marketing lists? We’ve got a run-down on some of the most useful tools around for running competitions, polls and promos online.


RafflecopterGiveaways are a great way of getting people’s attention and gathering contact information. At a trade fair, it’s as simple as putting out a bowl for people to drop their business cards into or putting out a sign up form on a clipboard. Online, the logistics are a little more complicated.

Enter Rafflecopter, a quick and simple way to run giveaways on your website and build your social network at the same time. People who enter can earn bonus entries in various ways, including by commenting on your website, following your Twitter feed, retweeting the competition and  liking your page on Facebook. Rafflecopter collects all of the entries, provides you with useful data in a usable format and even picks the winner at random for you.

The service runs on a freemium basis. The basic account is free but you need to pay if you want to use some of the more advanced features – giving people bonus entries for signing up to your mailing list or seeing real-time analytics, for example.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside the heads of your customers and find out what they want? Well, you can and you don’t need to spend money on fancy focus groups or annoy them with telemarketeers – you can just ask them online instead.

Contact Form 7: We install this for most of our customers as standard and it can be used for more than just the standard Name, Email Address, Message contact form. Claire Missingham, for example, uses it for the application form for her yoga teacher training programme. Responses get sent through by email, leaving you to collate and crunch the figures as you see fit.

Polldaddy: Brought to you by the makers of, Polldaddy provides 10 questions and 200 responses per survey on their basic, free account. For more than that, you’ll need to subscribe for a paid account. They also provide a WordPress plugin so you can manage your polls from inside your website.

SurveyMonkey: The basic account is free and there are paid packages for more indepth market research needs. The free service allows you to ask 10 questions per survey and  collect 100 responses.

There are also a 101 other WordPress plugins that allow you to poll your visitors, ranging from a simple “yes/no” sidebar widget to more fully featured applications. If you’ve got a favourite, why not let us know in the comments below?


MailchimpWe love Mailchimp, a super-simple way to manage your e-mail marketing campaigns and stay in touch with your customers. Mailchimp helps you to build your list with easy sign up forms and Facebook integration, send stylish emails (their drag and drop editor is a joy to use and makes things simple for even the most technically challenged) and track your results with great reports and statistics. Entice people to subscribe with the promise of exclusive and useful newsletters, subscription only discounts and offers or a free download.

This is yet another freemium service. If your list has fewer than 2000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails a month free of charge. Over and above that you have various paid service options, depending on your level of use.


What services do you use to engage with your readers? We’d love to know. Drop us a line in the comments below. And if you need a hand getting any of this stuff up and running, get in touch. Stuff is just one of the helpful services we offer!

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